McNulty urges students, faculty to expand their perspectives

Grove City College President Paul J. McNulty ’80 urged the entire campus community to expand their perspective as a new academic year begins.

Speaking at Opening Convocation to students, faculty and staff on Tuesday, Aug. 24, in Harbison Chapel, McNulty discussed heavenly mindedness and higher education. “If we wish to understand the creation but ignore its creator, our understanding will be, at best, incomplete,” he said.

“We are called to prepare our minds for action, as Peter says, devote our energies to heavenly truths and heavenly ways. We are to be heavenly minded,” McNulty said. “Heavenly mindedness enables us to see the world through the creator’s eyes. We gain a redemptive vision of the world.” Bringing the eternal truths of heaven to bear on our callings, he said, “changes how we look at everything, and how could it not impact our scholarship?”

“As we go forth on this campus in our teaching, our learning, our living, our playing and as the College moves forward this year … let us strive to see all of our endeavors from a heavenly and eternal perspective,” he said, “so that by his grace we might see his kingdom come, his will be done, on this campus, as it is in heaven.”

Opening Convocation marks the formal beginning of the 2021-22 academic year. It’s an event drenched in tradition at Grove City College, in which the entire student body is assembled and faculty process in full regalia into Harbison Chapel for a worship service.

Chaplain and Senior Director of Christian Formation Rev. Donald D. Opitz noted it in his invocation. “The trumpet fanfare welcomes and announces something grand and the spring garden of colors in academic robes is sign of a long studied and diverse community of scholars coming together for your edification,” he said.

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Peter Frank ’95 welcomed 13 new professors to the faculty ranks and assured students that they are the College’s top priority. “Our goal here at Grove City College is to engage you your mind, your body, your soul, in pursuing your God-ordained calling,” he said.

McNulty urges students, faculty to expand their perspectives

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