Lux Mea Film Festival returns to campus

Grove City College’s Lux Mea Film Festival, the annual celebration of student filmmakers’ work, is ready for its closeup.

The festival returns to campus at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 4 in the auditorium of Crawford Hall on campus. Seventeen short films written by, directed by, and starring Grove City College students will premiere during the festival, which is in its fourth year.

Tickets are available in advance in the Breen Student Union on campus from noon to 5 p.m. daily and online at Eventbrite here. A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase at the festival.

Lux Mea is the product of the Special Events and Promotions class taught by Gregory Bandy, professor of Communications Arts. In addition to showcasing the cinematic skills of students, the festival serves as a semester-long group project in which students put what they have learned in class into practice. Teams of students manage different aspects of planning and executing festivals, from marketing and communications to photography, videography, and design, to event and reception planning.

“The class is the most real-world experience, a lot of hands-on work that I’ve been able to transfer into my internship” junior Karis Fischer said.

The Lux Mea Film Festival takes its name from Grove City College’s motto, which means “my light.” The festival exists to illuminate truth through films and student narratives.

Films selected for the festival are evaluated first by faculty in the Department of Communications and Visual Arts and then by a panel of film industry professionals, including alumnus Brian Osmond ’88, a veteran cinematographer with over 90 credits in film and TV, including the Academy Award winner “Mank,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Students have the chance to win awards in 13 categories such as best narrative, audience favorite, and best cinematography.

Interest in the festival is growing, with more students involved over multiple years. Senior Caleb Vinoverski, a three time Lux Mea award winner, is back again this year with “The Return,” a collaboration with 2023 alumnus Aaron Phillips.

“I’m really grateful for the Lux Mea Film Festival since it gives young filmmakers on campus the opportunity to have their films play in front of a packed theatre of people. To me being able to sit in a seat and watch the audience’s live reactions to your film is an experience like no other and I’m so thankful for it,” he said.

Bandy said the festival provides a true real-world experience for his students. “There are no rubrics, unexcused absences, or deadline extensions. Your work must hit a professional level. If you miss, we expect you to make up the time fulfilling your responsibilities. And just like in the real world, the event is going to take place May 4, short of an act of God or a natural disaster,” he said.

Lux Mea Film Festival returns to campus

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