Life of the Mind Lecture Series ‘On Socialism’ launches

A stellar lineup of Grove City College professors takes on one of most consequential and controversial ideas in political and economic thought – Socialism – in the fifth installment of “The Life of the Mind: Great Lectures from the Grove” series.

The seven-part “On Socialism” video series examines the economic, political, and historical influence of socialism and how it impacts modern society. Faculty members from four different disciplines explain the ideas of Marx, Mises, and other influential thinkers, how their ideas have shaped history and society, and how free markets and free people can triumph.

“This series will allow viewers to more fully understand the inability of socialism to provide what it promises to society, and to gain a deeper appreciation for the historical figures who both promoted and critiqued this alternative to freedom as the basis for economic and social cooperation,” Dr. Peter Frank '95, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, said.

Frank, who also serves as professor of Economics, is featured in the series. “I am excited to be a part of this important project,” he said.

The first lecture in the series is available now on Grove City College’s YouTube channel. Subsequent lectures will be released at noon on Wednesdays through April 12.

The lineup of professors and topics include:

  • Dr. Shawn Ritenour, professor of Economics – "The Social Order and Human Flourishing"
  • Dr. Peter Frank ’95, provost and professor of Economics – "Choice, Constraint, and Natural Rights"
  • Dr. Jeffrey Herbener, professor of Economics – "The Impossibility of a Socialist Economy"
  • Dr. Caleb S. Fuller ’13, associate professor of Economics – "Freedom Works"
  • Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of Political Science – "Communism, Socialism, and Democratic Socialism … What’s the Difference?"
  • Dr. David J. Ayers, professor of Sociology – "Max versus Marx "
  • Dr. Jason R. Edwards, professor of History – "Socialism in History"

The lectures are approximately 25 minutes in length and premiere on the College’s YouTube channel at noon each Wednesday for seven consecutive weeks. Subscribe to to receive an alert when new content is uploaded.

The “Great Lectures from the Grove” series gives viewers an opportunity to learn from the same high-caliber faculty who teach on campus. It’s a great way to experience Grove City College’s commitment to academic excellence and learn from some of the leading Christian scholars of the day. The lectures are intended to transfer knowledge, develop wisdom, and encourage viewers to use what they have learned in service to the common good in their lives and careers.

Past lecture series are available at, or on the College’s YouTube channel under Playlists.

Life of the Mind Lecture Series ‘On Socialism’ launches

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