Language students taste dessert flavors from around the World

The first week of December at Grove City College is equivalent to snow, cold weather and the nervous anticipation of finals. In other words, it is high time for a break.

If you were in the Breen Student Union on Dec. 5, you could disconnect from the stressors of school for a while and indulge in a night of multicultural dishes at the International Dessert Fair. Both students and professors contributed to the wide assortment of delicious dishes: queque de banano from Costa Rica, Linzertorte from Austria (supposedly the oldest known cake in the world), caramel waffle cookies from the Netherlands, French macaroons and more. It was a unique opportunity to try new foods from different parts of the world, since the majority of people who prepared these desserts had lived or studied in those countries.

And the best part? It only cost $1 for five tickets. If you chose to contribute by preparing your own dish, you could get five free tickets. With five tickets, it's possible to try two different samples of cake, rich chocolate flan and warm rice pudding with cinnamon.

Side note: if you want your friends to come to Dessert Night, incentivize them with the leftovers that you have. Whether you end up splitting your samples with others or finishing every bite, the best part is that your money contributes to the French and Spanish clubs. These clubs host cultural events, such as language exchanges, film nights, games nights and food get-togethers.

With that in mind, you know your money is going to a valuable cause: promoting greater cultural awareness on campus. Even if you missed it this year, no worries. Keep your eyes open for this event next December, a perfect time to escape the cold and treat your taste buds to a wide world of flavors.


Language students taste dessert flavors from around the World

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