Joyeux Noël from Grove City College's French Club

With snow on the ground, finals approaching and Christmas trees all around, it was time for the French Club Christmas party. With stressful times of exams and projects looming, the Christmas party was a great time to de-stress and relax. Just like in America, the French celebrate Christmas with special church services, Christmas trees decorated with lights and ornaments, and sweets of all kinds. To immerse ourselves in the French culture as much as possible, we held our own Christmas party.

This year to celebrate, French Club joined together at Dr. Harmon’s house for a fun time full of crêpes, conversation, laughter and a movie. Over a dozen students came to partake in the festivities and to share in the French culture. To fill the forty crêpes that were made, we used cinnamon apples, bananas, chocolate, butter, lemon and brown sugar. And of course, we couldn’t forget the homemade whipped cream. Each student was able to craft their own crêpe and choose what went inside. Our crêpe feast was an excellent representation of typical French food – and it was so simple to make.

Our film during the Christmas celebration was “The Hundred- Foot Journey.” Even though it is an American movie, it still embodies the French culture very well. It is a sweet story revolving around the cuisine, culture and mannerisms of France and the French. To top it off, it is sprinkled with French phrases, dialogue and vocabulary. All students, no matter their language level, were able to enjoy the movie while also experiencing the French culture and language.

French Club continues to thrive as we enjoy the French language and culture together. Joyeux Noël!

Joyeux Noël from Grove City College's French Club

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