In the news: Stitch Brigade fills a pressing pandemic need

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, ordinary people have demonstrated the can-do spirit of America through thousands of volunteer and charity efforts geared toward meeting public health needs in the crisis.

Members of the Grove City College community are no different. Most of their work to make the world a slightly better place during this dark time will go unheralded, so it is important to note when that work is recognized so that it can provide an example to others looking for ways to help.

On Sunday, The Herald newspaper prominently featured the efforts of staff from Grove City College’s Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation to meet a pressing need for face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With commercial supplies depleted or unavailable to meet national recommendations for everyone to wear a protective mask in public, E+I Executive Director Yvonne English and Program Director Lynn Stillwaggon founded Stitch Brigade to make and distribute masks in the region.

For more about the effort, check out the story here or visit Stich Brigade’s website to donate or help make masks.

In the news: Stitch Brigade fills a pressing pandemic need

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