In the News: Football program ‘mason’ laid a firm foundation

Despite a cancelled fall football season, the Grove City College Wolverines are determined to continue building a strong program for play in the spring and beyond, Head Football Coach Andrew DiDonato ’10 told The Herald newspaper for a story this week.

By unanimous vote, the Presidents’ Council of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference postponed fall 2020 athletic competitions in the NCAA-defined “high-contact” and “medium contact” sports of football, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and men’s and women’s cross country until the spring 2021 semester.

“The guys are excited to make the most out of the situation we’ve been given,” DiDonato said. “Focus on your vision, not your circumstances. That’s what we’ve emphasized with our guys, and that’s one of the core (components) we talk about all the time. As I told them – and these guys are used to that – overcoming your circumstances. And, we also talked about building brick-by-brick.”

“Our guys are leaders, and you could see in their reaction that they know how to approach this. Most were concerned with, ‘Where are we going from here?’ as opposed to the news they’d just received,” the Wolverines mentor told the newspaper’s Ed Farrell. “They’re looking to lay bricks – that’s what’s important, moving forward. That’ll be their sense of purpose this fall, even though we don’t know what the spring holds for us.”

Read the whole story “GCC football program ‘mason,’ Coach Andrew DiDonato, has laid a firm foundation” on The Herald’s website:

The NCAA-defined “low contact” fall 2020 sports of women’s tennis and men’s and women’s golf will tentatively be permitted to compete this fall with conference competition only, as previously announced, barring additional NCAA or state guidelines/restrictions. In addition, the PAC Presidents’ Council also agreed to not hold any winter sport varsity competitions prior to Jan. 1, 2021.


In the News: Football program ‘mason’ laid a firm foundation

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