In the news: Fecich offers advice for online teaching

Dr. Samantha Fecich, assistant professor of Education, spoke to 21 WFMJ news about navigating digital learning, offering advice for teachers as they work remotely with their students through the coronavirus pandemic.

“As a teacher of teachers it is so important and an opportunity for us to lead during this time of need. To show educators how to teach online as an educator of excellence,” Fecich said.

Along with recommendations for digital education tools, Fecich urged teachers to develop connections with their students online. “It’s all about engagement in the digital space,” she said. “We have to have that human connection as we go virtual.”

Fecich said there is an upside to the pandemic push to online education.

“If anything, this really shines a light on how technology can be used to impact and students and teachers in very practical and meaningful ways,” she said. “It shows that it is not enough to just know what to use and how to use it but the why behind it – the importance that supports using educational technology to help our students become 21st century learners.”

Watch the interview here.

In the news: Fecich offers advice for online teaching

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