High school students can start college now, here at GCC

Grove City College is offering high school students a chance to earn college credits now at a steep discount.

Qualified juniors or seniors in public, private, or home education can register for online courses and on-campus classes through Grove City College’s Dual Enrollment Program. Courses may count tor high school credit, Grove City College credit and college credit at other higher education institutions. 

Dual Enrollment allows students to pick up two, three or four college credits at less than half the regular cost, which can significantly reduce the cost of a college education and the time it takes to earn a degree. The tuition cost per credit for the 2019-20 academic year for Dual Enrollment Program classes is $165 per credit hour, 70 percent less than our standard cost per credit hour.

“These dual-enrollment classes allow high school students to begin earning college credit before they have even filled out their first application,” John Inman, vice president for Enrollment Services and Registrar, said. “They also provide younger students the opportunity to experience college-level learning and the excellent instruction that is available at Grove City College.”

Most on-campus courses are available to local dual-enrolled high school juniors and seniors, provided prerequisites have been met. Refer to the College Catalog for detailed course information.

Registration is now open for these online courses:

  • ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I
  • COMP 141 Computer Programming I
  • EXER 215 Medical Terminology
  • MATH 161 Calculus I
  • MATH 201 Statistical Methods
  • WRIT 101 Foundations of Academic Discourse

For more information about Grove City College’s Dual Enrollment Program for high school or to register for courses, visit www.gcc.edu/dualenrollment or contact Abby Kehr, Dual Enrollment Coordinator with any course-related questions at dualenrollment@gcc.edu. The registration deadline for Fall courses is August 21. California students are not eligible.

High school students can start college now, here at GCC

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