Grove City's 4-year grad rate nearly double the national average

Grove City College’s four-year graduation is nearly twice the national average.

Just 41 percent of first time college students earn a degree in four years, the National Center for Education Statistics reports. In contrast, Grove City College’s average four-year graduation rate stands at 80 percent; however, this year, 84 percent of the 2019 graduates earned their degrees on time.

It’s clear from the national statistics that completing a college degree in four years is becoming harder and harder for most students. Even the industry standard six-year graduation rate that most schools report is a disappointing 61 percent.

There are myriad reasons that students aren’t able to complete their degrees on time or abandon higher education altogether, including financial stress, scheduling conflicts and a lack of guidance and planning. But the consequences of the situation are clear: students end up paying more, incurring more debt and delaying or abandoning the realization of their dreams.

At Grove City College, students entering their fifth year of undergraduate education are rarer than the number who graduate a semester or even a year early thanks to intersession, online and study abroad course options that abound at the private Christian liberal arts school.

The College’s notable graduation rate has a lot to do with the approach it takes to the student experience, which is based on Grove City College’s articulated values – Faithfulness, Excellence, Community, Stewardship and Independence – and designed to develop a student’s individual calling and produce graduates of the highest proficiency, purpose and principles.

“We have a great team in place who really care about our students,” John Inman, vice president for Enrollment Services and Registrar, said. “The college’s faculty and staff walk along with those students who struggle to ensure they feel valued and continue to persist towards their goals.”

Grove City College’s student-focused approach propels students to discern their God-given callings and pursue an academic path to achieve their vocational goals. Faculty dedicated to student success and focused on teaching and mentoring ensure that students get direction and the classes they need to chart a path to on-time graduation.

As a result, students are able to enter the working world or continue their education as soon as possible, making the paychecks or grades they need to advance their careers, pay off student debt quickly and establish productive, rewarding and impactful lives.

Based on past years’ results, upwards of 96 percent of class of 2019 will have jobs or be in graduate school within six months. The average starting salary for alumni is $53,500 and the 20-year net return on investment of a Grove City College education is nearly $400,000, according to PayScale.

Students interested in the College are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at 724-458-2100 or or visit online at to learn more. Upcoming admissions events include Hopeman Discovery Day  , for science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors on Oct. 12, Music Major Day Music Major Day on Oct. 14 and Education Major Day on Nov. 16.

Grove City's 4-year grad rate nearly double the national average

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