Grove City College offers new majors, minors for 2016

Grove City College is offering new majors and minors in the 2016-2017 academic year to better meet student needs and capitalize on the institution’s strengths.

“These new programs reflect Grove City College’s ability to respond to the interests and needs of students and prospective students. Changes in society and emerging fields of study demand the creation of innovative new offerings and Grove City College is meeting that demand today, just as it has for its entire 140-year history,” Dr. Robert Graham, provost, said.

Three new majors in the Department of Biology will provide students and prospective students the opportunity to explore new fields in one of the College’s strongest programs in the Hopeman School of Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

The study of biology is a major draw at Grove City College, with more than 10 percent of the student body pursuing majors in the field. The new majors build on the same foundational biology courses, but require select upper-division courses that will strengthen students’ preparation for careers in medicine, research or conservation work.

The new majors are:
     • Biology/Health – Designed for students who are seeking careers in medicine or other health fields, featuring preparatory classes that lay the groundwork for those interested in becoming doctors, physician assistants, veterinarians, dentists, nurses or other health care professionals.
     • Conservation Biology – Designed for students interested in careers in wildlife and natural resource management or graduate study in ecological, environmental, organismal or field sciences.
     • Molecular Biology – Designed for students who want to pursue biotechnical careers or graduate study in biochemical, molecular, genetic or cellular biology-related fields.

The College’s new minors will augment and expand programs in the sciences and humanities, including exciting interdisciplinary opportunities. They are:
     • Computer Game Design and Development – This interdisciplinary minor offered by the Departments of Computer Science and Communication and Visual Arts provides students with a foundation in the world of game design through courses in game development and game critique. Students who complete this minor will have comprehensive experience in game design to allow them to succeed in this field.
     • High-tech entrepreneurship – This interdisciplinary minor offered by the Departments of Computer Science and Entrepreneurship provides students with the technical and entrepreneurial experience they will need to start a company within the high-tech space. This program is ideal for students who see themselves starting a technology company or working with early-stage entrepreneurial companies. .
     • Medical Physics – Offered by the Department of Physics, this minor prepares students for the growing subfield of medical physics and potential careers in areas such as radiology, nuclear medicine, and nuclear engineering. 
     • Pre-Law – Offered by the Department of Political Science, the pre-law minor will prepare students for law school by focusing on essential skills such as analytic problem solving, writing, oral communication and research methods. The minor continues a long tradition at Grove City College of sending students to top law schools.
     • Robotics – This interdisciplinary minor is offered by the Hopeman School of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students who pursue this minor will gain practical and theoretical experience building robots. Additionally, students will learn about ethical issues in robotics from a Christian perspective.

Grove City College offers new majors, minors for 2016

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