Grove City College makes Pa. top schools list

Grove City College is among the top 20 standout schools in the Keystone State, according to a leading college search website that looks closely at academic quality and affordability.

After evaluating more than 450 schools in the state, Best put Grove City at number 17 based on academic quality and affordability.

“Our goal is to objectively assess relative quality based on academic outcomes, affordability and the breadth and depth of online learning opportunities … Schools featured in our rankings demonstrate a commitment to high-quality education for their students,” according to the website.

At Grove City College, “each student receives an inclusive learning experience that incorporates the humanities, social and laboratory sciences, and foreign languages into the rigorous curriculum,” Best Colleges reports. The methodology behind the list is grounded in solid statistical data and developed to recognize “academically robust, affordable colleges and programs.”

The College is in good company on the list, with the University of Pennsylvania, one of the country’s top research schools, holding the number one position, and Swarthmore College, Carnegie Mellon University and other leading private colleges in the top 20.

See the ranking HERE.

Grove City College makes Pa. top schools list Grove City College Campus

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