Grove City College is a top 10 Best Value in Pennsylvania

Grove City College is one of just 10 Best Value Colleges in Pennsylvania based on starting salary, tuition and expenses, scholarships awarded, and other factors, according to the financial website SmartAsset.

The College ranks sixth on the list of Keystone State colleges and universities that provide an excellent return on investment for students.

Of the eight private colleges in the top 10, Grove City College had the lowest tuition rate. With annual tuition of $19,900, Grove City College is on par with public universities and substantially lower than the average for a similarly nationally-ranked four year private college.

Among all the Best Value schools, the College had the lowest student living costs. The College’s $11,050 room and board charges were the ninth lowest of all Pennsylvania schools evaluated by SmartAsset.

In addition to tuition and costs, starting salaries were weighted heavily in SmartAsset’s analysis. Grove City College graduates see higher than average compensation throughout their careers, according to salary tracking website PayScale, which reports an average starting salary of $59,700 and midcareer earnings of $113,500 for alumni.

Grove City College is a top 10 Best Value in Pennsylvania

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