Grove City College earns top U.S. News rankings

Grove City College, long-known as one of the country’s leading Christian liberal arts colleges, is a top choice for students pursuing STEM and professional degrees, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 Best Colleges rankings.

U.S. News ranks Grove City College 4th overall and 3rd for best value among colleges in the Northeast based on academic quality, graduate outcomes, and the number of degrees the College awards in the sciences and professional disciplines. U.S. News also recognized the College for offering best-in-the-nation undergraduate engineering and computer science programs.

More than half of 2023 Grove City College graduates earned degrees in STEM and professional disciplines, such as education, business, exercise science, communications studies, nursing, and engineering. These in-demand programs provide students with the training and qualifications to embark on careers in business, industry, public service, and other fields, or seek advanced degrees from the nation’s leading research institutions, graduate schools, and law programs.

While Grove City College offers top professional degree tracks that students seek out, it also ensures that every student receives a strong foundation in the liberal arts through a series of classes that make up the core curriculum. These courses go far beyond general education requirements, presenting the great books, ideas, events, works of art, and individuals that have shaped civilization in a thoroughly Christian context. This purposeful course of study provides all students with the information necessary to earn a degree and with the foundational truths that shape the formation of their souls.

“Grove City College has always been focused on preparing students for rewarding careers. Our commitment to academic programs with a high return on investment that are especially useful in today’s world – engineering, bio-health, accounting, and education, to name a few – serves students well,” College President Paul J. McNulty ’80 said. “We know that Grove City College is an amazing place to prepare for lives of success and service and we are grateful when ranking organizations acknowledge our College.”

U.S. News evaluated nearly 1,500 of the country’s four-year bachelor's degree-granting institutions for its rankings. The 19 data points examined pertain to measures reflecting academic quality and graduate outcomes – factors that are universally important to prospective students. The northeast region, stretching from Maryland to Maine, includes some of the nation’s top higher education institutions.

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Grove City College earns top U.S. News rankings

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