Great Lectures from the Grove features Ayers’ study of marriage

Grove City College will premiere the latest installment of its “The Life of the Mind: Great Lectures from the Grove” series Wednesday, Oct. 6, with Dr. David J. Ayers presenting “Thinking About Marriage (As a Christian Sociologist).”

A professor of sociology, Ayers explores theories, research, concepts and data on marriage through a lens of Biblical teaching, history and cultural analyses to provide a unique look at the fate of this indispensable institution.

“The course places a strong emphasis on the role of expressive individualism and the rise of the therapeutic self in destroying the historical foundations of marriage against both a classical institutional understanding of it, and the Biblical account of marriage rooted in creation and expanded upon and applied especially by Jesus and the apostles,” Ayers said.

Ayers has done groundbreaking scholarship and spoken widely on Christian marriage, the family and human sexuality. His upcoming book, “After the Revolution: Sex and the Single Evangelical,” is set for publication later this year.

The lectures will be released on the College’s YouTube channel at noon each Wednesday for six consecutive weeks. Subscribe to to receive an alert when new content is uploaded.

The “Great Lectures from the Grove” series gives viewers an opportunity to learn from the same high-caliber faculty who teach on campus. It’s a great way to experience Grove City College’s commitment to academic excellence and learn from some of the leading Christian scholars of the day. The lectures are intended to transfer knowledge, develop wisdom, and encourage students and others to use what they have learned in service to the common good in their lives and careers.

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Great Lectures from the Grove features Ayers’ study of marriage

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