GCC community celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

Each fall the Chinese community around the world – including the Chinese Club at Grove City College – joins in celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This traditional holiday puts a strong emphasis on family, food, and fellowship. The Chinese Club opens this exciting celebration to all interested students and faculty on campus.

This year’s celebration included special food and refreshments such as eggrolls, rice cake, and bubble tea, in addition to mooncake-making. Group games, competitions, and prizes helped to foster an atmosphere of group fun, and the evening ended on a high note when all joined together to fly lanterns on the Quad.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of our largest and best-received events on campus. It would not have been possible to host this year’s edition without the eager help from many Chinese Club members, and the support from the Student Government Association.

Cooperating with others to explore and enjoy Chinese culture is one of the Chinese Club’s biggest goals, and this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebration truly achieved that.


GCC community celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

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