French Club immerses students in language, culture

The purpose of French Club is to be a place where French students of all levels can come to practice their speaking skills and enjoy the French culture. No matter what level, French Club strives to welcome all students of French and to encourage them to always do their best.

When visiting France, the French love to see tourists make even the slightest effort to speak the language. The same goes for French Club. Thus, we want to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to come practice their skills and make an effort to learn the language. We strive to accomplish this through weekly events like group dinner or movie nights. It’s events like these that help members of our group grow.

One of the hallmarks of French culture is to sit down with a group of friends at a café to converse over a beverage. The French like to discuss many different topics. Because one of French Club’s goals is to incorporate as much of the French culture as possible into our meetings, we decided to head to a local café for morning coffee. We spent an hour and a half conversing in French about many different topics. From new vocabulary to French music to French culture, each of us shared our own knowledge and experience. Our close-knit group of students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to gather together and do one of the things we love best – celebrate the French culture with like-minded students. This event will always be one of our favorites!

In a society that doesn’t value highly enough the pursuit of foreign languages, it is vital to surround ourselves with others who share the common goal of learning another language. French Club gives us the platform to do this and has proven to be a vital piece of many French students’ education at Grove City College. Vive le Club de Français!


French Club immerses students in language, culture

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