Finance program earns CFA Institute affiliation

Grove City College’s undergraduate Finance degree program is participating in the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program, which signals to students and employers that graduates are well-prepared for careers as investment professionals.

The College’s ACBSP-accredited Bachelor of Science in Finance program earned the distinction by incorporating into the curriculum at least 70 percent of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge, including all the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, which prepares students for the Level I examination of Chartered Financial Analyst, the industry’s “gold standard.” Grove City College students are also eligible for CFA Program Student Scholarships.

“Earning the CFA Institute affiliation tells potential students, employers and the marketplace that Grove City College’s curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and geared to teaching students the content and providing them with the insight and the motivation they need to have to be successful,” Youhui (Owen) Zhang, assistant professor of Finance, said.

Grove City College’s Bachelor of Science in Finance program equips students to enter competitive graduate programs or to bring innovative thinking, trustworthiness and the ability to identify and take hold of financial opportunity to work in the field. If features access to highly-experienced faculty mentors, ACBSP accreditation that ensures industry-standard curriculum, a wide range of internship and research opportunities and coursework balancing breadth and depth to provide a solid foundation in finance with the freedom for students to find their niche, be it corporate finance, investment management, financial planning, banking, insurance, or another branch of the financial sector. 

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and administers the industry gold standard CFA charter. The Institute’s CFA Program sets a standard for developing the skills, standards, competence, and integrity of financial analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisers, and other investment professionals worldwide. It is widely considered the investment profession’s most rigorous credentialing program. Fewer than one in five candidates who begin the program successfully complete it and earn the CFA designation.

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Finance program earns CFA Institute affiliation

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