Economics Chair delivers keynote at Austrian conference

Dr. Jeffrey M. Herbener, chair of the Department of Economics at Grove City College, delivered the Ludwig Von Mises Memorial Lecture at the recent 2016 Austrian Economics Research Conference. Herbener’s lecture was entitled “Time and the Theory of Cost.”

The Austrian Economics Research Conference is the international, interdisciplinary meeting of Austrian school economists that brings together leading scholars doing research in this vibrant and influential intellectual tradition. The conference was hosted by the Mises Institute from March 31 to April 2 at its campus in Auburn, Ala., and directed by Joseph Salerno, professor of economics at Pace University and academic vice president of the Mises Institute.

In addition to his work at Grove City College, Herbener is also a fellow for economic theory and policy with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College and the associate editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. His work has been published by be Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, and Journal of Libertarian Studies.

Austrian economics as articulated by Von Mises and other scholars has been the foundation of the economic program at Grove City College since the 1950s, when Dr. Hans Sennholz, a protégé of Mises, was hired to head the department. Under his leadership the College became the premier institution for undergraduate study of the Austrian School and the permanent home of Mises’ papers since 1978.

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