Community, stewardship keys for Greek life of campus

Greek and housing group life on Grove City College’s campus is more than just riding on a float in the Homecoming parade or sporting letters across the front of a sweatshirt.
It’s about community. It’s about philanthropy. About support. About a foundation made of associates that will be life-long friends.

At Grove City, the eight sorority, 10 fraternity and nine housing group charters are local – not national like at bigger universities – and they are required to undergo Community Living Privilege evaluations every two years in order to demonstrate how they meet specific criteria that are closely aligned with the mission, vision and values of the College.

“Each of these groups has a rich history and add value to our campus community,” said John Coyne ’04, associate dean of Student Life. “Students and alumni alike often identify the group they joined as having a positive impact on their development, serving as a source of academic and social support, and being the reason for so many of their long-lasting and meaningful relationships.”
Almost 40 percent of students on campus are involved in Greek life or housing groups.

Moriah Mosher ’20, a Marketing Management major and member of Sigma Theta Chi sorority, said the most rewarding part of the Greek community on campus is “having a place to call home and a family of people who will love and support me.”

Mosher is president of Pan Hellenic Council, the governing body for sororities at Grove City.

“When I go through problems at school I know that I can count on my sorority to pray for me and to support me,” she said. “Freshmen year, I wasn’t sure if this was the right college for me, but I found my home here and because of my sorority, I stayed and I don’t think I would have found such great sisters and friends anywhere else.”

Coyne manages the CLP evaluation process. Half of the sororities, fraternities and housing groups are evaluated on an annual basis. All must demonstrate they have met certain standards related to scholarship, spirituality and moral development, service and philanthropy, campus involvement, leadership development and fulfillment of mission and purpose in front of a panel comprised of campus faculty and staff.

Nate Ocot ’19 is an International Business major and a member of Omicron Xi fraternity. He serves as president of the Inter Fraternity Council, which oversees fraternities, and agrees that relationships are the foundation upon which the Greek community is built.

“I can only speak for the Okies, but I'm sure many others in Greek life will say the same – having a network of men or women that want to support you, have fun with you, and push each other to success is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life so far,” Ocot said.

Along with maintaining a vibrant presence on campus, the Greek community and housing groups set themselves apart through their philanthropy and stewardship. Students in these organizations plan social and educational events for the whole campus community, raise money for charities and worthy causes and provide service on and off campus in various capacities, Coyne said.

As a result, tens of thousands of dollars are raised annually.

“I thank God for the gifts he has blessed the student body with and the willingness to serve around campus,” Ocot said. “A sense of accomplishment definitely accompanies running a successful event for a good cause – though I think knowing you did it working alongside people you love and respect offers the most satisfaction for the members of the Greek community.”

Service, scholarship and spirituality are all critical components of this vital segment of the campus community. They complement the social development of students while forging bonds that last a lifetime. Many of these groups have alumni associations or maintain connections for generations, which may help provide opportunities for internships or career development after the students’ four years here.

“I can’t imagine not being part of my sorority or being in a sorority,” Mosher said. “The sorority gave me my friends, gave me a social life and has opened up so many doors.”

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Community, stewardship keys for Greek life of campus

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