College sponsoring ‘The Scattered Seeds Podcast’

Grove City College has signed on as a chief sponsor of a new podcast produced by Beverly Heights Presbyterian Church to share stories of faith in everyday life.

“The Scattered Seeds Podcast” is a show “Where Every Life Has a Story,” according to its tagline. It features interviews with guests with compelling tales of how God has impacted their lives in ways large and small.

The eclectic guest list includes homemakers, doctors, philanthropists, musicians and, so far, two Grove City College professors: Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of Political Science, and Dr. Carl Trueman, professor of Biblical and Religious Studies. Upcoming guests include Dr. T. David Gordon, professor of Religion and Greek.

Since its debut in May, the show has built an audience of more than 3,000 listeners in 21 countries world-wide and 33 U.S. states.

“Our goal in starting this show is to provide a platform for sharing testimonies. One of the most powerful tools that a Christian has is their unique story of what Jesus has done in their life. It is undeniable. An unbeliever can disagree with what a Christian believes, but no one can deny what someone else has lived,” Tom O’Boyle, Beverly Heights director of communications and “Scattered Seeds” co-host, said.

“Everyone has a story to tell and ‘The Scattered Seeds Podcast’ is where those stories can be shared with the world,” said co-host Nate Devlin, senior pastor of Beverly Heights.

Beverly Heights Presbyterian Church is an Evangelical Presbyterian Church located in Mount Lebanon, Pa. While not officially affiliated with Grove City College, its congregation includes so many alumni and students that it is sometimes referred to as “GCC South.”

“The Scattered Seeds Podcast” is available through its website, iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud. Kate Kuzko serves as the show’s producer. For more information, email

College sponsoring ‘The Scattered Seeds Podcast’

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