College hosts Music Major Day on Oct. 14

The Grove City College Department of Music hosts Music Major Day on Monday, Oct. 14 on campus for prospective students.

The admissions event allows students to explore music and life at Grove City College — where top-ranked career preparation is grounded in Christian community and a robust humanities core that provides a holistic education. Students can register online at

During the daylong event, students can observe classes, meet with professors, talk to current students about the College’s Music degree programs and even sing with a choir and play with the orchestra. Auditions can also be scheduled with College faculty for students who plan to apply for admission.

Students and parents will also have a chance to sit in on a masterclass with three current music majors and three members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. They will hear each student play and then offer technical and musical feedback.

“Our hope is this will show our prospective students that we strive to build relationships between our students and faculty with professionals in the music industry whether education, performance or business,” Dr. Jeffrey Tedford ’00, professor and chair of the Department of Music.

The College offers music degrees with concentrations in business, education, performance and religion, as well as a minor in music or musical theater. The admissions event isn’t just for those interested in pursuing a music degrees, since many students from other majors are part of the College’s varied ensembles and choral groups.

“We are just as interested in helping to engage them with the larger community as we are the music majors,” Tedford said. Many past Music Major Day attendees are currently enrolled students, he noted.

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College hosts Music Major Day on Oct. 14

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