College celebrates Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year of 2019, the Year of Pig, was held on Friday, Feb. 15, and was organized by the Chinese Club and sponsored by SGA. It featured buffet-style Chinese cuisine, live performances, games, raffle prizes and contests. Hosting around 180 guests – including students, faculty and community members – Chinese New Year at GCC is a much-anticipated festivity.

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday of the year in China, comparable to Christmas in the U.S. Chinese New Year is about much more than generic fun; traditions are an integral part of this ancient holiday. It is Chinese Club’s goal to welcome the campus and community to experience a taste of the exuberance this day carries in China. The celebration began with giving each guest a Hóngbā, a small red envelope containing a traditional coin and a note about the meaning of the Year of Pig and the characteristics of the people who were born in the year of pig.

Food is always a part of any celebration in China; this year boasted a collection of dumplings, spring rolls, General Tsao Chicken, Kongpao beef, fried rice and laomian (stir-fried noodles), besides the Chinese desert – Sweet Bun and candies, the must-have sweet food which symbolizes the happiness and prosperity for this coming new year.

The dinner was followed by performances of Chinese yo-yo, Chinese ethnic dancing and martial arts. To finish off the evening, there was a raffle and assortment of games including the most favorite chopsticks-competition, playing yo-yo, kicking shuttlecock, making origami and playing Chinese Chess, sending many guests home with China-themed prizes to remind them of this special holiday.  


College celebrates Chinese New Year

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