Chinese New Year at GCC

Grove City College students, faculty, and community members gathered to celebrate the ancient holiday of Chinese New Year with festivities, food, and cultural performances.

Upon arrival, each guest received a Hóngbā, a small red envelope containing a traditional coin and a note about the meaning of this festivity. The Legend of Nian, a well-known folktale about the origins of Chinese New Year, was then told by Chinese Club president Bethany Haughey followed by performances of traditional Chinese music including the erhu or Chinese violin, martial arts, folk-dancing, and Chinese yo-yo.

Guests also enjoyed a buffet of dumplings, spring rolls, General Tsao chicken, beef broccoli, tofu, fried rice, noodle dishes, and plenty of cookies and candies. To finish off the evening, there was a raffle, and an assortment of games were played, sending many guests home with Chinese-themed prizes to remind them of the holiday.

This Chinese New Year is considered the Year of the Dog and was celebrated on Friday, February 16. The Chinese Club and the Office of International Education organized the event with sponsorship from the Student Government Association, and approximately 150 attended. 

Chinese New Year at GCC

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