Chinese Club hosts Ramen noodle bowl event

At 9 p.m. on a Sunday night, you might be resting in your room, studying for the next week of classes, or spending time with friends. Whatever your pastime, I can tell you that it is worth dropping to head over to the Chinese Club’s Ramen Noodle Bowl event.

Wafting through the doors of Ket Rec, the delicious aroma of this soup practically pulled you inside. Groups of students were already in line and waiting when I secured a spot around 8:50. As more students filled in, we were all glancing from the back to the front of the line, hoping there would be enough to feed the trail of hungry college students.

Thankfully, the Chinese Club anticipated the popularity of this event. Spread across a table at the back of Ket Rec, smiling Chinese Club members stood in an assembly line. Each was in charge of distributing a different ingredient: noodles, chicken, a choice of chicken or vegetable broth, carrots, cabbage and green onions. To finish it off, a massive box of fortune cookies sat at the end of the line. This event was as authentic as it gets.

Even after I sat down to eat my bowl, the line continued to grow. From what I could see, at least 50 students had already filed in for their late night snack. Members in the back kitchen continued to prepare food throughout the event so that each student was able to buy at least one bowl of soup. At $1 a bowl, you could easily go back for seconds. And who wouldn’t go back for seconds? To tell you the truth, I chose not to get back in the line since it had substantially grown. College students know a good event when they see it. In any case, I ended up learning my lesson for next year. Buy two bowls the first time you go through the line.

For those who did not have the chance to check out the event this year, keep your eyes open for the next one. Remember that chances are not likely you will encounter this type of food at any other event on campus. With that said, I will leave you with this food for thought. If $1 ramen noodle bowls are not worth hitting the pause on Netflix or taking a study break, are we even college students?  


Chinese Club hosts Ramen noodle bowl event

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