Chapel Ministries making moves to serve community

Grove City College Chapel Ministries is going online during the campus coronavirus closure to serve the College community’s’ spiritual needs in this time of trial.

“Over the past few days our staff has been working to determine how we can best bless and encourage our students and staff in our new online platforms. Though we are unable to gather together for chapel services at this time, we still wish to provide encouraging and edifying content on a regular basis,” Interim Chaplain Rev. D. Dean Weaver ’86 said in an email to campus. “In light of that, the Chapel Ministries Department has worked to develop a series of devotional videos designed to encourage you all in this time of diaspora.”

The videos will feature Chapel Ministries staff members as well as members of the CCO ministering on campus.  They will include a scripture reading, devotional thoughts, prayer and recommendations on helpful resources for students. The videos are designed to be shorter than a usual Chapel service while still incorporating many of the elements of the services.

To follow the usual campus worship rhythms, new videos will be posted every Sunday evening, Tuesday morning and Thursday morning at They’ll also be available on the Chapel’s Instagram and archived online.

Weaver also announced that all Chapel requirements have been lifted for the 2019-20 academic year.

“We are declaring a Year of Jubilee (Luke 4) every student will have their chapel balance erased to zero.  All current students who enroll for the Fall semester will then begin with a clean slate.  This will also remove any holds on your ability to register for classes next semester.  We hope this is a blessing to you all as you prepare to register for classes in the next few weeks,” Weaver said.

“We hope this is an encouragement to you all in this time of dispersion,” Weaver told students. “Our department will be continuing to pray for you while you are away. We would like to know how we can be best praying for you all in the next few weeks.”

Students can share specific prayer requests online here.  All prayer requests will be kept confidential and can be submitted anonymously.

Chapel Ministries making moves to serve community

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