Center for Vision and Values looks at media and culture

The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College is focusing on media and the culture for its 12th annual conference April 14 and 15.

“Media and American Culture: How the #Church, #Ideas, #Elites, #Social Networks, and #Technology Shape Society” features dozens of speakers and scholars exploring a variety of issues related to media, culture, the Christian church and technology. The conference will explore the impact of media from several perspectives including history, religion, literature, sports, technology, economics, poverty, law, music and charity to offer insights about the future of this crucial element of society.

“The process of culture-making and change is complex and perhaps much more complex than people imagine,” Lee Wishing ’83, the managing director of the Center for Vision & Values, said. “But cultures do change, as we know so well, and we thought this would be a timely subject for our annual conference.”

Among the speakers slated for the two-day conference are: New York Times columnist, blogger and author Ross Douthat; nationally syndicated radio talk show host, author, political commentator and film critic Michael Medved; sociologist and “mommy blogger” researcher Felicia Wu Song of Westmont College, Santa Barbara, Calif.; and Thomas O’ Boyle, a writer, teacher and media executive who is currently circulation marketing manager for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh.

The two-day event also provides a forum for Grove City College faculty to lead discussions and present original research and scholarship. For the current conference schedule and registration, click HERE.

The Center for Vision & Values is a conservative think tank strengthening the faith and freedom foundation of American citizenship at Grove City College. It is a leading forum for the study and application of freedom to economic, political, social, religious and scientific issues. The views and opinions expressed by Center staff or conference participants do not necessarily reflect the views of Grove City College.

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