C-SPAN takes an ‘In Depth’ look at Kengor’s work

Grove City College Professor of Political Science Dr. Paul Kengor will be the guest on C-SPAN’s “In Depth” on Sunday, July 7.

The two-hour interview program provides a deep dive into the work of influential writers whose work focuses on – and impacts – American politics. It airs live on C-SPAN 2 at noon and will be repeated at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. and again at 9 a.m. on July 13.

Kengor is recognized as an expert on Ronald Reagan, the Cold War and communism. He’s the author of many best-selling books, include “Dupes,” "Takedown," and the recently published “The Divine Plan: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Dramatic End of the Cold War” and his journalism and opinion columns are widely read and distributed to outlets including The American Spectator, The Wall Street Journal, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and dozens more.

“I’ve watched ‘In Depth’ many times over the years, always done with people far more esteemed than me. I never pictured myself sitting in that chair. C-SPAN wants to talk about my work as a writer, author, professor and more—mainly my writing and my books,” Kengor said. “I have written incessantly and obsessively since about 1989, when I first started writing opinion columns for my college newspaper, The Pitt News. A few thousand articles later, and about 20 books, I guess I have plenty I can blab about. I’m humbled and honored by the invitation.”

Kengor will also field questions from C-SPAN’s live and online audience. “I’d be thrilled if some friends of Grove City College could get through with some friendly questions,” Kengor said. “Hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too much.”

Kengor also serves as senior director and chief academic fellow for the Institute for Faith & Freedom at Grove City College.

C-SPAN takes an ‘In Depth’ look at Kengor’s work

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