Business Insider: Graduate pay indicates GCC is underrated

​Grove City College graduates’ mid-career success is a key reason that Business Insider calls the College one of the nation’s most underrated colleges.

Grove City College is one of 50 colleges and universities the business news site identified as “underrated,” a distinction based on a comparison of U.S. News & World Report rankings and mid-career salary data culled from 

The average annual salary of $82,000 that a Grove City College alumnus is earning 10 years after graduation (according to PayScale's 2013-2014 College Salary Report) and the College’s 139th in the nation ranking from U.S. News add up to an underrated college, according to Business Insider.

“Those familiar with Grove City College know it’s a gem,” Jacki Muller, senior director of the Office of Marketing and Communications, said. “But rankings like this are helping to spread the word about how the College’s unique combination of high-quality academics, a non-sectarian Christian environment and highly affordable tuition position our graduates for rewarding careers as well as meaningful lives.” 

“Plenty of schools aren’t worth the hype, while others don’t get the recognition they deserve,” according to Business Insider. “This liberal arts college runs on a philosophy of freedom — that is, it doesn't take any federal aid or funding. However, Grove City College still retains relatively low tuition rates and encourages students to pursue independence in all aspects of their own lives.”

Grove City College is in good company. Other “underrated” schools, according to Business Insider, include Virginia Tech, Hofstra University, George Mason University, Howard University and Catholic University of America.

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