Barbara Matthews, '21

Why did you choose Grove City College?
When I came to Grove City College on Music Major Day, the way the faculty interacted with us and the current students helped me to see that they sincerely care about the students here. They were invested in all of their students' individual success and growth, not only as musicians but also as people. This drew me to the College because I knew it would be a place where I would be pushed to do well and to become a better person. In my three years here, I have been able to see just how much my initial impression was true.

How important was affordability in your choice of Grove City College?
It was certainly a factor. Since my older brothers had also studied at Grove City College, I was familiar with the loan program and scholarships that were available.

How well did Grove City College prepare you to enter the workplace?
The courses required for music education majors definitely provide a mix of music-specific content and teaching strategies that effectively synthesize everything we would need to know to transition to any band, choral, strings, or general music job (PK-12).

How would you describe the spiritual environment at Grove City College?
Grove City College is a place where Christians from all denominations can come together and celebrate the commonalities of our faith. The environment is largely homogenous, in that we all come together in celebration of a few core beliefs, but also diverse. We come from different religious backgrounds, and finding common ground while still respecting everyone's individual perspectives creates the beauty of the environment we have here at Grove City College.

What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?
Inside and outside of the music department, I have had many professors who are easily accessible and helpful with the course materials. Especially in the music department, a lot of the professors have an open door policy, in that if their doors are open, we are welcome to come in and discuss anything musical (or not) that might be concerning us. It definitely feels like I have a good community of experts in music and teaching that will continue to help me to become the greatest teacher and musician I can be, even post-graduation.

What should prospective students know about Grove City College?
You will be pushed, in academic and personal ways, but only for your benefit. The greatest part about this is that you are not in it alone. There is a whole community of faculty and your classmates that are invested in your success. The outstanding sense of support and community, rooted in the faith we all have in God and in our humanity, definitely makes one's time here worth it. 

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