Ayers' study of Christian marriage is now available via video

Grove City College Professor of Sociology Dr. David J. Ayers’ best-selling book on Christian marriage is now an eight-part educational video series.

“Christian Marriage: The Beautiful Order for Christian Marriage” is available from Logos Video on DVD and through the Logos Bible Software platform, providing a resource to tens of thousands of users, many of whom are pastors representing churches, Christian school leaders, seminary professors and others interested in delving into the rich subject.

“We anticipate the course being used in many Sunday school classes, Christian schools and Bible study groups,” Ayers said.

Ayers penned “Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive introduction” in 2019 to address cultural confusion about marriage and explain why the institution is so much more than just a social construct that humans can alter at will.

“Marriage is a creational ordinance. It exists independent of what we think or want. It was placed in creation at the very beginning. It was designed. Humans were designed for it and this goes back before the fall,” Ayers said. “It's a covenant that we enter into. We don't make it up whole hog. It places expectations and demands on us.”

Ayers ongoing study of marriage and human sexuality draws on more than three decades of study and experience, thousands of years’ worth of theology and history and the latest social science. His next book, “Beyond the Revolution: Sex and the Single Evangelical,” is slated for publication later this year.

For more about the video series, visit the Logos website at logos.com.

For more about Sociology at Grove City College, visit gcc.edu/soci.

Ayers' study of Christian marriage is now available via video

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