Anna Giesmann, '15

Do you feel like you made any concessions to come to a school that is reasonably priced?
Not at all! Grove City College must have a very efficient system because it was the most affordable of the schools I considered, and instead of them cutting corners, I felt like I had the highest-quality experience.

How has your faith been strengthened and perhaps even challenged during your time here?
When choosing to major in biology, I was a little worried that my career would be hindered by my faith or vice versa. But, in every class and office hour discussion, my professors showed me that we can study God’s creation without holding back, knowing that He created it to be both beautiful and coherent.

How would you describe the level of academics you experienced during your time at Grove City College?
I would describe my academic experience at Grove City College as exhausting but exhilarating. Many late-night study sessions were required to keep up with the lectures, but I found that those evening flew by as I immersed myself in exciting subjects I had known comparatively so little about. This was true not just for required biology classes, but also my humanities, Spanish, and elective courses. Professors made things hard for us but well worth our effort.

What are some of the ways that professors ensure that students not only receive information but truly learn and understand how to apply that information?
In most of my classes, professors made a strong effort to present the material in a larger context, prompting us to appreciate its importance. Also, in-class activities and other assignments were designed to help students really interact with the information, synthesizing it with old class material, and predicting “next step” applications.

What is your favorite aspect of Grove City College?
My favorite thing about Grove City College is the Colossians 3:23 mentality that seems to permeate campus. Whether students are studying, discussing ideas, playing sports, encouraging their friends, or leading a Bible study, they do it with all their heart, giving glory to the Lord.

Describe your experience with residence life at Grove City College, particularly freshman year. 
Living with so many ambitious, funny, kind girls in the Grove City College residence halls was a once in a lifetime experience. We pushed each other to do our best in everything but also made sure to stay grounded and enjoy life. I grew especially close with my freshman hall (Go Redcoats!) as we ate meals together, played IM frisbee, had dance parties, and just lived our lives together. 

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