Abigail Eicher, '19

Coming Home to Grove City College
Hello! I am so happy to welcome you to Grove City College!

After a short time away from GCC since graduating, I am thrilled to be back and on the flip side, contributing to the school’s mission and working alongside a team that is passionate about serving students. When I enrolled here in 2015, I knew only that Grove City College was a Christian school with an esteemed reputation, it was under two hours from my hometown, and their Music Department had a harp studio—my latest hobby at the time. I had no idea of all the small ways this decision would impact my life.

In each of my four years here I grew in more ways than I even knew were possible; and while these changes are certainly exciting, I know it can be intimidating as well. As you navigate this search and the many others you will have in life, my prayer is that you learn to trust that God has taken ahold of your hand (Isaiah 41:13) and that you are continually encouraged by the opportunity to know Christ and pursue your gifts.

About Me
Throughout high school and into college, my dad would recount one of his first graduate school classes and his professor’s opening statement in it: “My job is not to teach you everything you need to know. It’s to convince you that you know so little that you’ll spend the rest of your life learning.” Stepping into the truth of this perspective and realizing the freeing humility in it was one of the most valuable lessons I took away from my time at Grove City; and perhaps the much greater truth I grappled with through this realization was what it really meant to claim my faith as my own.

It wasn’t until I headed into post-graduate life—and perhaps not truly until my brother and I started touring colleges together as he began his search—that I fully recognized what a strong foundation GCC had provided for me. Through my friendships, involvement in campus organizations, and especially in my classes, I was challenged to think critically, practice discipline, pursue excellence, and intentionally seek and build community. And whether I’m spending a Saturday morning with my brother or planning an activity for our friends, I feel continually guided and encouraged by these values.

Greensburg, PA

B.A. in English with a concentration in Business Writing, minor in Business

Favorite Scripture
John 17:9-19

Favorite College Memory
Anything travel-related will always rank high as a favorite memory for me; and in college I studied abroad in England and backpacked Europe (both with my sister! bonus points!) as well as went on a short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic—all major highlights and amazing opportunities.

One additional trip I took, though, was to Nashville and the Smokey Mountains with two new friends during my last semester at GCC. Determined to save money wherever possible, we thought it would be a crazy mini adventure if we slept in our car the first night. It was the middle of March, and no number of blankets would have been enough; but this was one of my favorite parts. After picking up cronuts and coffee the next morning and then exploring a couple bookstores, we started our drive east, where we spent the next two days hiking the icy but beautiful Smokey Mountains, having pizza in Gatlinburg, and arguing over who got the couch at my friend’s apartment.

Other than these adventures, some of my most cherished memories are all of the normal college life things: regular lunches with friends, late night study sessions, repetitive walks to class, and class itself. I miss all the things you really only get to do when in college.

Favorite On-Campus Activity
Although I have no theatrical ability myself, I always looked forward to Grove City’s Theatre Department productions. (Go figure that I am now marrying one of their most talented actors!) It was amazing to me to watch fellow students who were so talented, and I loved to give myself over to the story and emotion on stage.

Travelling, weightlifting, playing soccer, reading, having discussions with my family, and trying new hobbies (few of which stick, but it’s fun to try)!


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