Melva H. Huebert

Professor of Music
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Contact Information
Phone: 724-458-2397

Melva H. Huebert


  • Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Youngstown State University
  • Master of Music in Piano Performance, Youngstown State University
  • Master of Arts in Music History, Kent State University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology-Ethnomusicology, Kent State University

Academic Interests

  • American numeral notation
  • European numeral notations
  • Piano Literature and Performance
  • Piano Pedagogy

Courses Taught (*at GCC)

Music Theory

  • Basic Music
  • First-Year Harmony
  • Second-Year Harmony
  • Solfeggio III
  • Solfeggio IV
  • Counterpoint
  • Fundamentals of Music Theory


  • Applied Piano for Piano Majors (all levels)
  • Applied Piano for non-Music Majors (all levels)
  • Senior Recital
  • Piano Proficiency
  • Intermediate Class Piano
  • Keyboard Musicianship

Music History

  • Music History and Literature I Ancient and Middle Ages
  • Music History and Literature II Renaissance and Baroque
  • Music History and Literature III Classic and Romantic
  • Music History and Literature IV Late Romanticism and 20th Century
  • History of Western Music to 1750
  • Understanding Music

Ethnomusicology/World Music

  • World Music
  • Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • Music as a World Phenomenon

Ensemble and Chamber Music

  • Piano Duet and Duo Playing
  • Early Music Ensemble
  • Piano Accompanying

Graduate-level Courses

  • Music Bibliography and Research
  • Music in the Middle Ages
  • Eighteenth-century Viennese Classicism
  • Nineteenth-century American Music
  • Piano Literature