Mark B. Wasilko, '17

Music Audition & Recruiting Coordinator; Music Technology Instructor
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Contact Information
Phone: 724-264-4617

Mark B. Wasilko, '17


  • Music Industry Certificate – New York University Steinhardt, 2021
  • M.M. in Music Technology (Production) – University of Valley Forge, 2020
  • B.M. in Music Education – Grove City College, 2017

Areas of Research
I’ve mostly studied musical applications of artificial intelligence, studio production, and popular music. Recently I’ve been working on musical applications for haptic technologies.

I coordinate the recruiting process for the music department, as well as teaching music technology and running the video game music design project.

I’ve always loved music making technology, I got my first digital audio workstation when I was a teenager. They’re massive programs with a high barrier to understanding their use, so I love empowering students to create and feel like they can realize their musical ideas. I also love our department of music, so it’s a pleasure to make the process of applying to be a music major, music minor, or ensemble participant as smooth and low stress as possible.

What is the most important piece of advice you give to students to help them succeed?
For students considering a major or minor in music: don’t be afraid to make that jump. A lot of students get scared thinking it’s difficult to start a career in music; it’s a lot of work, but if you put in the work you absolutely can succeed. For students who just want to be involved in ensembles: do it! You’ve put in years toward developing your musical gifts and skills, so don’t stop putting them to good use.