Jarrett M. Chapman, '04

Professor of Education; Associate Chair & Certification Officer
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Contact Information
Phone: 724-458-2014
Email: jmchapman@gcc.edu

Jarrett M. Chapman, '04


  • D.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
  • M.S., Slippery Rock University 
  • B.S., Grove City College 

Specific courses or specialties   

As a former middle school science teacher the two areas that I am most passionate about teaching are transitions and middle level education. As middle school is a time of transition for students the skills and knowledge that I honed in middle school serve me well in helping our freshmen adjust to GCC, which is why I enjoy teaching the Intro courses here at the college.  

Middle-school is my favorite level of education, yes I know that makes me slightly crazy, but being slightly crazy is a good characteristic for a middle-school teacher. Over the past decade we have grown our middle level program to one of the largest and most successful in the state!  Our grads from this program go and do great things all over the nation.

You will also see that I teach a variety of special interest courses. As a former middle school teacher I know that exploring passions and areas of interest is essential for growth and development. So over my time at Grove City I have attempted to offer a variety of one credit special interest courses as students expressed interest in these various subjects.

  • EDUC 202- Intro to the Teaching Profession
  • EDUC 205- Overview of the Teaching Profession (Dual-enrollment only)
  • EDUC 206- Clinical Introduction to the Teaching Profession
  • EDUC 329- Middle Level Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDUC 350- Education for the Mission Field
  • Various studies courses based upon student interests such as Curriculum Evaluation and Capturing the COVID-19 Gap.

It was a very difficult decision to leave the middle school classroom to return to my al-mater to teach as I enjoyed my time there and felt I was making an impact upon students lives. I see my call here in the Education department is to pass along the following two ideas:

If we wish to make an impact and model our teaching after the Master Teacher, Jesus, “students need to know that you care, before they will care how much you know.” This is a theme that I talk about often and make sure that pre-service teachers hear me say it often. You never know if you are the once caring adult in a students life that makes all the difference in them exceling later in life.

The second theme reflects my view of Teacher-education. I often share the “how & why” of what I am doing as a Professor so that my pre-service teachers can connect theory and practice. I feel during teacher education programs “It is time for the pre-service teacher to learn how to move from one side of the desk to the other.”  Teaching requires different skills and aptitudes than being a student.  It is my calling to equip pre-service teachers with these skills by modeling and explaining effective Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in my courses.

Selected publications

  • “Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain,” presented at the Pittsburgh Regional Faculty Symposium March 2019.
  • “Developing an Undergraduate Curriculum Evaluation Course: A discussion on how to partner with schools and community members to help pre-service teachers learn best practice,” presented at the 2017 PAC-TE Teacher Education Assembly.
  • “Learning, leading, and teaching through service:  A course design to prepare teachers to think globally by standing with partners in the Educational mission field,” presented at the 2016 PAC-TE Teacher Education Assembly.
  • “A Simulated Teaming and Scheduling Activity to Prepare Pre-Service or In-service Teachers to be Effective Teaming Participants,” presented at the 2016 PAMLE Annual Conference.
  • “Teachers’ instructional style and preparing students for the 8th grade PSSA,” presented Pennsylvania Science Teacher Association Conference.   
  • Dissertation: "Differences in Eighth Grade Science Student and Teacher Perception of Students’ Level of Input into Academic Planning and Decision Making," successfully defended March 2014.


  • I am the Troopmaster of Trail Life USA Troop-1116 in New Castle, PA. We have over 25 young men who are on a path to building Christ-centered character through outdoor adventure and courageous leadership.
  • Our family enjoys camping and touring the US in our 1976 vintage Silver Streak trailer that I spent several years restoring.
  • I enjoy spending time in God’s creation by hiking, backpacking, fishing and hunting.