Brian J. Dellinger

Chair, Professor of Computer Science
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Contact Information
Phone: 724-264-4630

Brian J. Dellinger


  • Ph.D. Computer Science, North Carolina State University
  • B.S. Computer Science and Mathematics, Grove City College

Areas of Research
My primary research area is in theoretical artificial intelligence; my doctoral thesis, “Mechanical Equivalents to Hybrid Automata,” proposes a new way to model AI systems through physics-like models. I also work with students on independent research projects in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and game design.

My recent student research projects include an investigation of the interaction of narrative and mechanics in video games, studies in computer-generated narrative and music, and explorations in optical character recognition. In 2017, two of my students completed work in generating waypoints for digital spaces; our research paper was published in the FLAIRS conference in artificial intelligence.


  • COMP 141: Computer Programming I
  • COMP 314: Automata Theory  
  • COMP 445: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

I also teach our three computer game design courses (COMP 441, 446, and 447), which take students from very simple 2D games to networked games on the PlayStation 4. One of my favorite courses is Ethics, Faith, and the Conscious Mind (COMP 205), where I teach on philosophy of science, moral, and policy issues in modern technology and a Christian perspective on artificial intelligence.

What do you do outside of class?
Outside of my formal research, I write on modern technological issues for groups including The Wall Street Journal and The Institute for Faith & Freedom.

When not working, my family enjoys “research” in video and board games. We attend Mercer Baptist Church, where I’m the moderator and assistant treasurer. I also act as faculty advisor to two campus student organizations: the Order of St. George, the campus board-, video-, and role-playing game club; and the Legion of Broom, the campus Quidditch league.