Andrew J. Mitchell

Associate Professor
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Contact Information
Phone: 724-458-3825

Andrew J. Mitchell


  • B.A., Hillsdale College
  • M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University.

Selected Publications:
“Una nueva perspectiva sobre la Guerra dels Segadors: en búsqueda de la ‘limpieza de fe,’” in Actes del 5è Congrés d’Història Moderna de Catalunya. Identitats, Conflictes, Representacions (Facultat de Geografia i Història, Universitat de Barcelona: Diputacío de Barcelona, 2003), vol. II, pp. 367-372.

Early modern Europe, Military history, Spanish history

Courses taught:

  • HUM 101: (Civilization)
  • HST 209: Renaissance and Early-Modern Europe
  • HST 231: History of Latin America (1492-Present)
  • HST 260: Historical Writing
  • HST 265: History of Spain (1469-Present)
  • HST 336: US Military History
  • HST 360: Food & Feasting in the Western Tradition
  • HST 360: Early Modern European Historiography
  • HST 375: Two World Wars
  • HST 390: French Revolution & Napoleon
  • HUM 302: (Modern Civilization in International Perspective)

Recreational interests:
Reading, playing the piano and tuba, watching college and professional football

Interesting historical fact:
The rivalry between Michigan and Ohio had its roots in the legendary Toledo War of 1835-1836. Before Michigan could become a state, it needed to have its borders clearly defined, especially between current states such as Ohio and Indiana. Trouble emerged over a strip of land leading west from Toledo which was claimed by both Michigan and Ohio (with Toledo leaning towards joining Michigan). State militias were called out several times over the two years, but the only known casualty was caused by Ohioan Two Stickney (his older brother was named "On") who stabbed a Michigan sheriff venturing too far "south of the border." President Andrew Jackson forced Michigan to cede its claim and the state was then compensated for its "loss" by receiving the Upper Peninsula. This war was long forgotten by residents in both states until the 1960s, when Ohio State coach, Woody Hayes, decided to make something out of it in order to inspire his team, and the rest, as they say, is history.