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Peter Mershon

Peter Mershon

I was introduced to Grove City College by my sister who came here three years before me.  What really drew me to attend here was the balanced combination of rigorous academics and authentic Christian values the college promotes.

During my time here, I learned that Grove City College lives up to its name.  The classes are challenging and applicable both to Christianity and to life in general.  I have always been particularly impressed by the way my classes integrate with each other and with what is happening in my life outside of academics.  Core classes such as Science, Faith, and Technology and Speculative Mind have helped me evaluate my world view critically and develop my views in coherent and defendable manner. 
As a sociology major, I’ve cultivated an interest in studying people and how they interact is.  This process is facilitated by an impressive team of Professors with impressive resumes.  
Though I am uncertain of what I want to do after graduation, the Department of Sociology offers training and opportunities for a host of potential careers.  These range from criminology, social work, and counseling and have a host of learning opportunities, internships, and even future job connections.
I’m excited to see what God has in store for me, and thankful that Grove City College has given me the opportunity to reach my potential.