STEM Hall, the College’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics building, opened in August 2013. The $39.5 million, state-of-the-art facility establishes Grove City College as one of the premier liberal arts colleges offering science and engineering. STEM Hall features 12 labs that can accommodate chemistry, biology and computer science classes as well as provide ample space and modern equipment for students and faculty to conduct research. Four of the labs are glass-walled to enable “science in sight,” a concept that aims to demystify the work scientists do in the lab and encourage more students to take up STEM studies. The building is designed to encourage innovation and collaboration, with common areas and lounge space that students can use to continue their learning outside the classroom. STEM Hall also houses the Earl C. Gregg lecture hall that can accommodate more than 100 students, 18 faculty offices and a vivarium to house lab animals.

Many of our graduates go on to medical, optometry, nursing, osteopathy, dental, marine biology, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, applied intelligence and other graduate fields. Hands-on research experience during undergraduate years helps prepare future scientists, researchers and engineers for their graduate and professional careers.


STEM Hall: Building Process


 STEM Hall Features:

     • Steelcase computer lab workstations that let up to six students plug their laptops into a common monitor and share their screen experience.
     • An atrium lounge featuring SageGlass windows that can be electronically tinted to reduce the amount of sunlight flowing into the space.
     • Chilled beam technology that efficiently circulates air throughout the building.
     • Walltalkers in all laboratories and in some hallways. The dry erase wallcoverings can be written on and used as projection screens.


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