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Tim Coyle

Tim Coyle

Grove City College’s Department of Education is unique in providing real-life teaching experiences throughout your entire time in the program. The department has a philosophy of learning by doing and has given me extensive experience teaching in local schools—in every subject and in many grade levels. These opportunities to teach in real classrooms have been the keystone in my pre-professional training. As a result, I feel well prepared to teach my future students and to manage my future classroom.

The education courses at Grove City College are taught by experienced and knowledgeable professors who have spent many years teaching in elementary and middle schools themselves. I have formed personal relationships with many of my instructors and have consequently earned invaluable wisdom that I intend to apply once I’m graduated and in the field of education.

Throughout my time as an education major, I have learned the history of many educational theories in the college classroom and applied them in the local elementary school classrooms.

Many veteran teachers insist that few college courses can truly prepare you for the challenges in the classroom today. Grove City College is one of the few because it prepares you through real-world experience. That’s what makes a degree in education at Grove City College so valuable.