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Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas

By my senior year of high school, I had happily chosen to attend Grove City College and was in the process of choosing a major. Two years of policy debate in high school had piqued my interest in the subject of economics, and I tentatively decided to give it a fair chance. The school’s Austrian economics program appealed to me; I was fascinated by this rigorous system based on deduction and thoughtful engagement of ideas rather than the typical practice of mathematical and statistical research. Within the first few weeks of classes, this careful way of reasoning restructured my views on both economics and daily life.

Throughout my time here, the professors in the Department of Economics have been incredibly helpful and instructive. There is a devotion to excellence at the center of the department’s mentality, and the professors realize that the learning process is equally arduous and profitable. Each time I meet with a professor during office hours, I am encouraged, enlightened and inspired. They have worked with me to tailor my major and to network with other professors in order to best guide me toward my vocational goal of microfinance.

As a student, I have discovered the joy of a tight-knit community I share with my fellow economics majors. We come from locations as diverse as New Jersey, Indiana, New York and North Carolina. We all embrace the thoughtfulness and respect for truth that dominate the economics department, and that understanding has brought many of us to be close friends. I have deeply enjoyed all aspects of my experience as an economics major.