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Chesterton Cobb

Chesterton Cobb

Being the youngest of four siblings who all attended Grove City College, I developed an early love for the school. As early as my freshman year in high school, my sister—studying economics—would come home during breaks, tell me all the fascinating things she was learning in her classes and recommend books I would like. I was immediately hooked and could hardly wait to apply.

Since coming to Grove City College, I have found the Department of Economics to be a wonderful combination of helpful and dedicated faculty and an ideal worldview of economics rooted in faith and freedom. The College is one of the few economic programs in the country that teaches the Austrian school of economics, advocating limited government and individual rights. It is guided by principles of liberty with a biblical foundation. The economics professors have become my mentors, and I’ve frequently gone to them to ask advice about classes, careers and opportunities.

Through Grove City College, I was able to acquire an internship last summer with Lawrence Reed, the president of the Foundation for Economic Education and a distinguished alumnus of Grove City College’s economics department. Working for this organization, I was astounded by how well the College’s economics were respected around the country in other Austrian economic circles. Already, I was able to apply what I had learned in my economics classes freshman year in my projects and discussions with students from around the U.S. and the world.