Opportunities for Men and Women

Opportunities for Men and Women

Coeducational Discipleship Groups:
     • Groups led by upperclassmen students involved in the ministry group
     • Groups often engage in Bible study, accountability, prayer, and missions opportunities in a smaller setting

InterVarsity Cell Groups: In InterVarsity Cell Groups students can experience fellowship, connect with one another at a deeper level through Bible study, find accountability, prayer, and missions opportunities in a smaller setting.
To get involved in a cell group or for more information, contact a member of the InterVarsity leadership team.

Campus Crusade Small Groups: Campus Crusade provides opportunities for students to engage in small groups for Bible study and fellowship. Contact a member of the Campus Crusade leadership team to get involved or come to one of the weekly Wednesday night meetings to learn more.

Many of the campus ministry groups have small group Bible study and discipleship opportunities. Students are encouraged to visit the various groups to learn more about the opportunities available in each group.

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Health Services

​Grove City College is committed to its students’ overall health and wellness. The Zerbe Health and Wellness Center is home to friendly and qualified health professionals who have chosen to work specifically with college students. ​​

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Campus Organizations

​There are over 130 student clubs and organizations. Special interest groups, faith-based and service organizations, honorary groups, fraternities and sororities are all led by students and supported by faculty and staff advisors.​

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Campus Life

​When you come to Grove City College, you become a part of a dynamic and supportive community of lifelong learners. ​​

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Campus Ministries

​At Grove City College, you’re free to pursue your spiritual life as seriously and freely as you want. There are many thriving student ministry groups on campus that will help you to nurture your own spiritual development.​​ Learn More

Commuter Life

​​If you live nearby, commuting is another way to experience Grove City College. ​​

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​The student meal plan at Grove City College consists of three meals a day, seven days a week​.​

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